Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes Purple Ribbon lined Wedding cake with Flowers Three Tiered Cake separated by elegant columns. Simple Purple Ribbon trims the cake. This cake is covered in Fondant and adorned with Gum-paste flowers. 54684029 Beach Wedding Cake Beach Wedding Cake. Sail boat and shells made from Sugar Paste. Sandy beach covered in Shells with crashing waves. Tropical Blue water iced the cake. 94343927 Beach Wedding Cake Bride and Groom enjoy a relaxing hammock on their island get a way. Palm trees made from modeling Chocolate and sugar paste leaves. Bride and groom are made from modeling chocolate and fondant dress and tux 94343925 Beach Wedding Cake Beach Themed cake complete with water, sand, shells, a boat and a bride and groom on their romantic get a way island on their hammock hanging from Palm trees. 94343926 Castle Wedding Cake Castle Wedding Cake for The Enchanting Wedding. The castle on top lit up as well as lights around the tooling. The prince and his princess ride together in their horse and carriage. The castle itself including Turrets are all edible. Made of cake covered in Fondant and white chocolate roofs. 54755499 Dragon and Pheonix Wedding cake The presence of the dragon and phoenix symbolizes a fruitful marriage blessed with much success and prosperity. This makes for a beautiful cake for a wedding day 99446308 Yellow Rose Wedding Cake Ivory Butter Cream Covered Cake with whimsical golden Swirls. Yellow handcrafted Gum paste Roses trim the Cake. 54684030 Yellow Daisy Wedding Cake Yellow tiered cake adorned with white daisy sugar flowers. 93956537 Dragon and Pheonix Wedding cake Closer look at the Dragon and Pheonix 99446309 Bride Cake This bride cake was made for a wedding shower. I also made the groom. These are some of my first specialty cakes I created 93956539 Groom Cake The groom cakes if one of my first specialty cakes. I made a bride and groom for a wedding shower 93956540 Dragon and Pheonix Wedding cake Close up of the Pheonix Magical look 99446304 Dragon and Pheonix Wedding cake The dragon head is made of gum paste and airbrushed with food color spray 99446305 Calla Lilly Wedding Cake Simple, Elegant, Beautiful. Sage green fondant covering Wedding white Cake with Chocolate Cream Icing and filling. The Sugar Calla Lillies were hand made. 100223357 Calla Lilly Wedding cake with topper This cake was topped with Mr T and Sheera (from He-Man). Growing up they were big fans. This brings a little something personal to the couples day 100223358 Simple White Wedding Simple White Wedding cake, with a white flower to pop! 102384065 Ivory Traditional Wedding Cake Ivory Buttercream with Black and Burgundy accents are the base for the hand crafted sugar roses 188266474 3 Tiered Cake Three Tiered Square Cake Complemented with personal Edible Pictures. Each picture is trimmed with Edible Silver balls in varying. 193485287 Wedding Cake With a splash of Flower Elegant White wedding cake with a simple green flower and ribbon to tie it together 102384066 White and Lavender Two Tiered White Buttercream. White and Lavender Gumpaste Roses , just a few, placed just right. 193485288 Ivory Traditional Wedding Cake Ivory Butter-cream with Black and Burgundy accents are the base for the hand crafted sugar roses. This Picture shows the Bride and Groom Toppers. He is "fishing" for his perfect someone. 188266693 Cupcake Wedding Dress This Cupcake Dress was for a Wedding Shower. Its perfect for your guests. Pull apart and serve, no Cutting and looks just as pretty as a full cake. 193485289 Engagement Party Cake Fondant Covered cake with little pink pearls trim up this cake. Edible Ring Box with a Fake Ring to top it. We all wish it was Real!! 193485290 Traditional Wedding Cake The Decor of this Wedding cake is a very Traditional look with the Trims and Swags. 193485291 Eiffel Tower Wedding Cake This couple went all out with their Theme. And I am so happy they did. This cake was a big project. Starting off square stacked I carved it to the right shape for the tower. Iced with white and blue and then pipped with dark silver icing to create the structure. 193485292 White Wedding Topsy Turvey White Topsy Turvey Cake With Lime Green Handcrafted Gumpaste Lillies 193492201 Engagement Party Cake 194124535 Bridal Shower Cake 194124495 Anniversary Cake 194124424 Bridal Shower cake 194255100 Bridal Shower Cake topper 194255099 Wedding Shower Cupcakes 194255201 Wedding Shower Cupcake Dress 194255203 Wedding Shower Cupcakes 194255202 Wedding Centerpiece Cake 194255204 Wedding Cake Centerpieces The Bride and Groom Decided on a Small wedding cake and individual Cake for each table 194255205 Wedding Cake Cala Lillies 194255206 Paris Theme 194255207 Hunt is over Wedding Shower Cake Thinking out of the box on this one. The bride and groom Deer sit around a camp fire. The hunt is over they found true love 194255208 Bright Colored Roses Wedding Cake 194255209 Wedding Cake Dress 194255210 Peacock Feather Wedding Theme. Shower cake 194255211 Wedding Shower Cupcake Dress 194255212 Anniversary Cake with Red Roses 194255213 Wedding Shower Cake Customer brought in invitations and theme for the wedding and we matched the whimsical design 194255214 Wedding Cupcakes 194255215 Red Rose Cake 194255216 Initial Cupcakes 194255217 Red, Black and White Theme 194255218 Engagement Party Cookies 194255219 Animal Print this Cake was a Birthday cake. However I included in this album because I feel it could also fit well as a Wedding Cake 194255220 Wedding Cupcake 194255221 White and Orange Swirl Wedding Cake 194255222 Fondant Quilted Cake 194255223 Fondant with white and Purple decor Originally a sweet 16 Cake, I included in this album because I think it would fit well for a wedding cake to have several different cakes that all work on the same theme. They can be displayed on different levels at the reception 194255224 Wedding Cupcakes, Wedding colors, With Initial 194255225 Wedding Shower Cake Decorated to match the Wedding Shower Invitation 194255226 Wedding Cake This is not a traditional wedding cake however it fits their wedding well. They got married at the Battleship Massachusetts in Fall River MA and the groom loves the game Halo 195101703 Peacock Feather Cake 195239828 Peacock Feather Wedding cake 195239829 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake 196461583 Fall Themed Wedding cake and Cupcakes 196461584 Fall Theme Wedding Cake 196461585 Fall Wedding Cake and Cupcakes 196461586 Sunflower Wedding 196461587 Wedding anniversary Cake 196461588 Cupcake Dress for wedding shower 195240220